Building & Safety

Plan review, inspection and department administration professionals providing expert solutions to support the day-to-day operations of any building department.

Building Plan Review

CSG maintains a broad and deep pool of credentialed and experienced plan review engineers, structural engineers, plans examiners, CASp specialists, OSHPD 3 reviewers and LEED accredited professionals capable of responding quickly and accurately to the plan review needs of any building department and its customers.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive plan review
  • Structural plan review
  • CASp review
  • OSHPD 3 review
  • LEED equivalency review
  • Flood zone and WUI review
  • Third party plan review
  • Digital plan review
  • Plan scanning and digital archiving
  • Online plan check status
  • Expeditious turnaround times
  • Peer reviewed, multi-level quality control

Field Inspection

CSG’s network of experienced, highly trained and certified building inspectors seamlessly augment agency staff ensuring consistent, quality inspections across all construction types.

Our Services

  • Certified residential and commercial field inspection
  • Inspections requiring knowledge of energy, green building, accessibility, historical buildings, water efficiency, stormwater, and flood zone standards
  • Inspections informed by experience with a wide range of projects
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with client agencies leveraging knowledge of a variety of jurisdictional processes and procedures
  • Over-the counter plan review assistance
  • Solutions-oriented approach in working with jurisdictions, developers, contractors and owners

CASp Assessment & Inspection

California Building Departments are required to have CASp certified staff in place and available for technical questions and interpretations. Our CASp certified personnel have expertise in state and federal accessibility regulations and in promoting access to facilities for persons with disabilities through technical interpretations, plan review and compliance inspections.

Our Services

  • CASp technical interpretations
  • CASp plan review
  • CASp inspections

Permit Technician Services

Serving in this vital, frontline, first-response role, CSG’s permit technicians operate as a seamless extension of an agency’s team and recognize the importance of exemplary customer service, application of organizational skills, knowledge of the inner-workings of building departments, and thorough understanding of the building application and permit process.

Our Services

  • Creating permit applications and issuing permits using agency-specific software
  • Providing appropriate forms and handouts
  • Receiving plans, specifications, structural calculations and energy reports for plan check
  • Routing plans to plans examiners
  • Preparing plan check letters to applicants
  • Assisting with applications and other required forms

Building Official Interim Staffing

Our certified building officials are known for their consummate customer service skills, successful identification of solutions through innovative problem solving, expertise gained from prior local government employment experience, and ability to adapt to the needs of any building department on either a temporary or full-time basis.

Our Services

  • Build Department management
  • Processing of complex code issues and resolving disputes
  • Quality control
  • Building codes updates and adoption
  • Building & Safety Procedure Manual development
  • Plan review and inspection as needed
  • Pre-development review meeting participation
  • Staff report processing
  • Planning and Council meeting attendance
  • Monthly and annual reporting
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