Who We Are

In successful partnership with local communities for over 30 years

About CSG Consultants

Since 1991, CSG has exclusively served public agencies, sharing their commitments to the members of their communities and seamlessly providing a wide range of municipal services—from planning to community preservation. A trusted leader in the industry, CSG focuses on building long-term relationships with our client communities and stands by its commitment to the time-honored values of quality of service, integrity and responsiveness.

In November 2018, CSG announced that it would transition to a 100% employee-owned company. The decision to become an employee-owned company ensures our commitment to each of our clients and rewards the people directly responsible for CSG’s success.

Our employees—with extensive career experience serving directly in local government roles— have created within CSG a valuable institutional knowledge base, a unique perspective, and contribute to an organizational culture sensitive to public agency challenges, expectations, standards and constraints. From our broad and deep pool of licensed and certified professionals in our eight offices throughout California, we can select and readily commit team members for contract staff support roles or project-specific assignments who are ideally suited to deliver the exact services requested and customized, cost-effective results to meet our clients’ unique and changing needs.

Our Purpose

CSG’s purpose is to support our public agency customers in ensuring safe, vibrant and sustainable communities while providing a supportive and respectful environment for our diversely talented employees.

client relationships
built on trust and transparency

For over 30 years, we’ve worked diligently to establish an exemplary reputation for delivering municipal services. This would not have been possible without lasting client relationships built on trust and transparency as well as the supportive environment we have fostered for our talented professional team.

Cyrus Kianpour
President of CSG Consultants

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