Code Enforcement

Enforcement activities to help ensure public health and safety and to enhance economic development in the communities in which we work.

Code Enforcement Staff Support

Our certified code enforcement personnel have the experience and skills to provide support for all aspects of code enforcement programs from program review to enforcement inspections. CSG’s officers are expert at identifying code violations and in engaging stakeholders and responsible parties to correct violations.

Our Services

  • Code enforcement program review and analysis
  • Code enforcement inspections
  • Municipal code review and recommendations
  • Preparing administrative remedies including administrative citations
  • Conducting administrative hearings
  • Preparing program documentation, staff reports, and committee and City Council presentations
  • Testifying on behalf of public agencies in public hearings and court proceedings
  • License and permit application review and processing
  • Enforcement activity coordination with multiple departments including Building, Planning, Community Development, Police and City Attorneys
  • Providing regulation information to property owners, businesses, residents as well as agency departments and divisions
  • Enforcing administrative abatement
  • Facilitating settlement agreements
  • Appearing as expert witnesses

Targeted Code Enforcement Programs

Our staff has expertise in responding to specific community needs – assisting in the design and implementation of targeted programs to address new issues as they arise within communities.

Our Services

  • Program design to address new enforcement challenges
  • Staff support for implementation of targeted programs
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