Waste Management Program & Franchised Collection/Landfill Agreement Assistance


County of San Benito, CA


  • Sustainability Programs

CSG serves as the acting Integrated Waste Manager for San Benito County and is leading efforts to renegotiate the County’s landfill agreement with the landfill operator as well as manage the diversion, public education, and HHW programs for the three-member Regional Agency (San Benito County, City of Hollister, and City of San Juan Bautista) per state mandates. Other significant ongoing work is focused on: management of an RFP process for franchised collection services; modifying the current Non-Franchise Agreement and Transportation Agreement to better sync with Franchise Agreement provisions including better enforcement of contract provisions; onboarding a new Recycling Coordinator; and contract administration for the landfill agreement and franchise agreement. CSG’s duties include writing staff reports, presenting to local elected bodies, managing budgets, and performing all other staff work in its role as acting IWM staff.

Significant accomplishments to date include: development of a new franchise agreement for the three regional agency members, inclusive of a new fee structure that funds program administration, public education, and niche programs like household hazardous waste; development of landfill action plan to mitigate negative impacts from out-of-county waste shipments into John Smith Road Landfill; expanded public diversion opportunities at John Smith Road Landfill, including free mattress recycling; and redirecting curbside collection yard and wood waste from the landfill to a compost facility for highest and best use to meet pending state mandates.

Planned projects include amending the JPA and Cost Sharing Agreement, rollout of a new Franchise Agreement with high quality programs and services at competitive prices, and completion of landfill negotiations with the operator for an amended Operations Agreement to provide a more sustainable revenue stream and address impacts from out-of-county waste shipments, notably traffic impacts.

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